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Last year, summer 2008, CNN premiered this special title: Black in America about what life is like being black in America. I know this led to a lot of discussions in my neighborhood and on black networks. This special really got people talking. This week they a new special premiered about Latinos; Latino in America:  the Garcia’s. This special traces the story of Latino’s in this country through the last name Garcia which is the fastest growing poplar last name in the United States; its actually the 5th most popular, quickly catching up to the number one Smith. Man one story really stuck with me because I know people who are going through this right now. The young lady talked about how she’s been here since she was 7 years old and all of her family is here but is now going to be deported to a country she doesn’t even know. She was one of the people arrested in Arizona at the Panda Express for using fake social security to work.  This one stuck out to me because this story hit on the sheriff in Arizona and they showed clips of him talking to the media about his strict views regarding immigrants. I don’t know how to even approach a situation like that because I know people personally that are going through that.

This is a 2-day special so please watch. There is so much conversation for us to have about this special; it hits on some stuff that we talk about in class like residential segregation and other topics. CNN 9pm October 21 and 22nd.


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October 22, 2009 at 1:31 am

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  1. While I typically like these types of special documentaries, I often wonder how effective they are in changing anyone’s attitudes. From my perspective the typical viewer of this type of show already acknowledges the disparity of race in the world and is intrigued by the localized stories. The one area where these types of shows fail, in my opinion, is how to intrigue the audience that immediately turns off the programming (i.e. half the people from the Bonilla-Silva book). The problem is not that they are not interesting or inspiring documentaries, but that they don’t inspire the other half to watch. People that watch this programming already know a great deal about race issues in America. I want to see a show that will capture the attention of those that don’t know the issues, and will cause them to think about it.


    October 22, 2009 at 5:21 pm

  2. I agree with the first comment. There needs to be a broadcast that will capture the attention of the general populous. It is so sad to hear that the woman has been here since she was 7 and now she is being deported. I know it is illegal to be here without a social and no paperwork but there should be some form of paperwork available for people who have been here for a certain amount of years. I guarantee you that when the women came over, as a child, she barely knew what was going on and it wasn’t her choice. Now she has to leave her family (who I am assuming were born here and are legal). Our government needs to really try and figure out a better solution to all of these immigration “issues”.


    October 22, 2009 at 5:29 pm

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