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So last week my roommate and I got to talking about the racial dynamic of our hometowns. She lived in New Orleans until she was thirteen, and now lives in Vero Beach, Fl. She was telling me how she never really met an Asian until she started looking at various colleges. In New Orleans, she was surrounded by Blacks and Whites, and in Vero Beach, she is almost completely surrounded by Whites. Coming to UF was a big change in diversity for her. The same could be said of my experience, but in a very different way. I’ve always lived in Miami Lakes, so I’ve basically been surrounded by Hispanics who have supposedly “made it”, but my elementary/middle school was in the middle of Hialeah, and my high school in Opa Locka. These two cities are almost exclusively lower to middle class Hispanic and Haitian families, respectively. After them, Asians have the next largest population- at least according to my experience. I can only name two White former classmates, one in middle school and one in high school. The only time I really interacted with Whites was when I went to work with my mom in Boca, and even then there were a few Hispanics in the company.

So coming to UF was the first time I entered a community with a large percentage of Whites. I think it’s funny how all my friends back home are Hispanic, Asian, or Haitian, while all my friends up here are White. In my opinion, it goes to show how someone’s relationships can differ when the situation requires it. I talked about it with some other friends up here, and they too had similar stories as my roommate about how rare it was to see those of other races than Black and White. I’m sure plenty of us in this class come from cities with very different ratios of diversity. It’s interesting to see how our hometown relationships differ from those at UF, and whether we see it as a good thing or a bad one. As for me, I really enjoyed making new friends up here that are so different from the ones back home. It really put things in perspective for me.


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October 12, 2009 at 4:25 pm

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  1. I was also utterly surprised when I got to UF because there were so many South Asians and East Asians here. In South Florida, I only encountered a hand full of these people every one in a while, whereas in UF I see them everyday. Also, the population of Indians from India speaking my native tongue (Bengali) is also startling because for me that’s rarely ever happened. I, like your friend, grew up around mostly white and Hispanic people and to a lesser degree black people. I had a few East Asian friends and South Asian friends, but the problem was they were the only Asian kids in my school at that time.


    October 13, 2009 at 12:28 am

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