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segregation in housing market

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Last week, I was really shocked by the “What would you do?” clip that we saw and even though most of it was exaggerated, it was still shocking. Its really sad to see things happen the way but the author in our book American Apartheid has been bringing up some interesting points about segregation in housing. One thing that I don’t quite agree with which he briefly mentioned was that in the past it wasn’t as segregated and that blacks lived next to whites (I can’t recall his exact words). One of the reasons that I disagreed was the fact that it seemed like he didn’t consider that blacks lived close to the people (whites) they worked for and I’m not sure if that’s what they wanted but I felt that it was convenient for them. One of my favorite quotes from the book that stood out to me which I had never thought about before was this: “the dark ghetto’s invisible walls have been erected by the white society by those who have power both to confine those who have no power and to perpetuate their powerlessness. the dark ghettos are social, political, educational, and -above all- economic colonies. Their inhabitants are subject peoples, victims of the greed, cruelty, insensititvity, guilt and fear of their masters.”

This is a whole new perspective on the ghettos that I had never thought about.


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October 10, 2009 at 12:47 pm

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