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Housing Segregation

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I enjoyed talking about how housing segregation evolved this week. I really had no idea how it all came about until this part of the class. I was totally appalled at the role FHA and the government had in the segregation of our neighborhoods. The role realtors have in this is awful as well. Just the fact that as black families try to move out of the ghettos and into other neighborhoods that are not primarily black and then to have realtors urge the white families to sell and white flight takes place and before you know it the family that worked so hard to get out is right back in the ghetto. It’s a horrific cycle. I feel like segregation in housing is the root of most of the racial issues that are still in place in this country. If things continue on the path we are on, I don’t see anything that can stop the three levels of stratification that exist in Latin American countries. It is a scary thought, and I feel like integration needs to be talked about on a national, public level.


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October 10, 2009 at 8:39 pm

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