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Minorities shut out of NCAA football coaching positions

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This article basically outlines the statistics and lack of minority head coaches in NCAA f00tball. It’s a pretty narrow field to try to compare to the rest of the workforce of the United States, but it kind of reiterates or underlines the fact that most (high paying and prestigious) jobs are highly dominated by the majority race of this country, which is obviously white. To me, it just adds one more piece of evidence to bust the myth that you can come from anywhere of any racial background and have whatever career you want.

Like discussed in “Racism without Racists,” I will be interested to see how the job markets are affected by the growing minority population. I fear that the same sort of stratification will continue to persist, and I can see where the three tiers of classes like the ones in Latin American countries could form here.


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October 3, 2009 at 7:17 pm

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