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Peace Over Power

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Just minutes ago I witnessed a perfect example of the power struggle that exists in our society today between man and woman, black and white, and any other different groups. Instead of continuing his route, the bus driver had a fairly long conversation with another bus driver loud enough for all the students to hear. They were discussing the distribution of power within one of the drivers’ home. As men, they both agreed they should be the authority figure in the household and not to allow their wives to rule except when they decided to appease them, thus only faking a transfer of power. But why is power even granted to the male in a family by default? If equality cannot exist within individuals’ own homes, how can we hope for it to prevail throughout all of society?


Written by larosa29

October 2, 2009 at 12:59 pm

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  1. Wow – for some reason that conversation is not hard to believe. I am currently enrolled in a women’s studies class and have found that it is quite common for men to have this outlook. When considering the power dynamics between the man and the woman within a household, I would argue that it goes back to the idea of the “traditional”, or nuclear family structure. It is vastly patriarchal and has put women in a position of inferiority. Fortunately, there are circumstances where the man does not have the dominating role and does not have certain expectations put on him and furthermore, women do not have the roles and responsibilities that are so often associated with women. I applaud these households and hope that we, as a society, will continue to stray away from this idea of the “traditional” family structure.


    October 2, 2009 at 4:41 pm

  2. Although I think it’s terrible the wAY they view their spouses I think it’s pretty comical that they sat there talking about this in between routes with a bunch of people on the bus. I mean this definitely happens all the time they dont give 2 shits about the people on the bus. Back to the subject I think this happens in a lot of households and more men probably wish it was still this way. I know my step dads’ parents are hardcore traditional. His father goes out and works and the mother pretty much has no life and stays home and cooks. I don’t think she even has friends. When the father gets home she has to cater to his every need. I think it’s pretty sad and times have changed and people need to learn that.


    October 2, 2009 at 9:02 pm

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