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I Believe That The Children Are Our Future

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I read this article and I was very encouraged by it. I think this little boy is working towards a very good cause. I believe that removing the N word from the English language entirely is probably a far reaching dream, but it doesn’t make it any less noble, and it bring to light that it does do more damage than good for the black community.
Many rap artists claim that by using the N word they are just maintaining their artistic integrity and pleasing their fan base. There is no integrity in using such a negative word to describe people, it only disrespects them, and gives others a reason to disrespect them as well. You cant expect the world to take you seriously when you don’t seem to take yourself or your people seriously, and it does hold them back.
And those of other races would benefit to stop using it was well, it’s hurtful and only makes us look worse and like bigots.
So I wish this little boy luck, even if he is not successful he is doing a lot more for the race cause than many much older than he, and I think he gives us hope for the future of race in this country.


Written by kmurph2688

September 30, 2009 at 10:20 pm

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