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One of the many corrupt schools in poor neighborhoods?

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My father has been a teacher for Pompano Middle in south Florida for over 15 years. It is situated in a poor and predominantly black neighborhood. I’m brining this up because the other day in class I remember we brought up the situation of busing kids and how schools aren’t equal due to the environment their in. My dad’s school is very corrupt in that the principal hires ineligible people to be teachers. For instance, she will hire her friends and put them in a position like a math teacher when they have no experience in that subject and are clearly not qualified for the job but are only their because they are acquainted with the principal. Not only that but my father is overburdened with jobs that don’t even apply to the position he’s in mainly because most of the people working their are under qualified. He runs the school’s yearbook and website, teaches his own class, and helps other teachers when they have problems that they should be resolving themselves like getting a computer to turn on or how to work a projector. The school is just not run efficiently, most of the people working their are way under qualified for the job and their for the wrong reasons. I don’t know if this is just a one time thing with a school in a poor neighborhood or if it’s the same elsewhere but I thought I would bring it up.


Written by derekjwood

September 27, 2009 at 7:41 pm

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