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Hello for those that do not know me my name is Kedra. I typically sit in the front of class. Anyways I am a bill gates scholarahip recepient and we just had our first leadership conference. I’m still at the conference in VA but I wanted to blog about my experience so far. We had a session where we split the 500 plus attendees into 2 large groups based off gender.The topic in short was how to be successful while being a woman. And it was sort of an open forum to talk openly about our experience and I was soo touched by the stories not neccessarily because some of the stories were sad but I was able to identitfy with the situations although my fellow sister who was talking might have been this timid little spanish girl or a over confident african or outspoken idian. Coming together and seeing ppl who are all minorities but of a different ethnicities gave me a sense of union like I was looking through a new lense and accepting of those who were physically unlike me but how we all has a common past but also a commonality and focal point for a future. I started this post 10 last night but was really exhausted and fell asleep.


Written by kherbert09

September 27, 2009 at 6:12 am

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