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I came across a short clip from NPR that comments on the whether or not race was a factor in Representative Joe Wilson’s outburst against President Obama.  The woman speaking, and African-American woman, was explaining why she did not bring up the comments made by Kanye West at the VMAs during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech or the screaming matches both Serena Williams and Roger Federer got into with judges at the US Open. She explained that she felt that Joe Wilson, as a publicly elected official, was more important that any of these other people because of what he represented. She argued that he represented not only a government that is supposed to rule according to the power of the laws, but by the laws of civil society. In essence, she was arguing that the civil society by which the Federal government is supposed to govern by is still flawed and that race plays a prevalent role in that society. I could not agree more with Michel Martin. Aside from representing just his constituency, Representative Wilson is responsible to the American people as a whole, and if he feels that it is socially acceptable to yell out at our President while he remained silent for 8 years while President Bush was in office, there is something terribly wrong with out society still.

The audio and transcript of the clip can be found here:


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September 22, 2009 at 5:35 am

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  1. Wilson was way out of line with outburst during Obama’s address to Congress. It was also racist. Some argue that it was not, because he did not explicitly say anything referring to race. But it had racial implications and responses. Afterwards, he got hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions for his campaign from his state of South Carolina and many people saying that he should not have to apologize. He knew full well that if he disrespected the President he would get publicity first of all as the one who cried out, and then contributions.
    I do not know what happened exactly with Federer and Williams, but the Kanye West incident with Swift could be seen as racist as well. West knew he would get publicity for this, but I think it backfired on him, possibly because most did not agree with him that BEYONCE HAD ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS OF ALL TIME.


    September 22, 2009 at 6:15 pm

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