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Racism in Soccer(international)/Professional Sports

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Being a big Soccer fan, mainly in the Spanish league, i am always constantly hearing instances of racism throughout the league and throughout the other leagues around the world  as well. Everything from racial slurs to even violence is very common in these leagues. When you watch a Soccer game, for example, when the Eurocup/Worldcup is being televised in the states there is even commercials aimed at eliminating racism throughout the leagues. Which gets me wondering if the Racism in sports here in America is as bad as other Countries throughout the world. Are we, the United States, Improving or do we approach this situation more silently than other countries? Sure we have certain policies in sports aimed at giving minorities opportunities in our professional sports but are we ahead of the other Counties? I really cannot tell. Seems to me that we are. There have been brutal stories of racism in soccer through out the world from fans. and i just cant recall instances as bad as this in the States.


Written by dtrincado

September 20, 2009 at 1:34 am

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