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I could not believe my eyes when  I watched this video. Two black students physically abused a white student while on the bus.  The article nor the video explained what caused the fight but it looks as though the school or the area where these students live may be predominately black. I went to several black schools when I was younger kids get in fights nearly everyday either on buses or at schools. Usually it is black students fighting other black students but every now and then black and white students would fight. When these happens, it gets more attention by the faculty and other students. I sure there are several reasons why students fight but for this case, I believe that these black students fought this white student to make themselves look tough. Moreover, as other innocent students witnessed the fight no one decided to help the kid. Not even the bus driver broke it up which makes me even more angry.


Written by joshjfletch89

September 20, 2009 at 4:02 am

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  1. I can see why people would look at this video and interpret it as a racial fight. Like you mentioned before, “black students fighting other black students but every now and then, black and white students would fight” that tells me that fights between two races are rare. However, I am not convinced that is the only reason why this fight happened. Note that there are a mix of races of students on the bus. You can clearly see in the video that white students are also cheering on the fight. I am not saying that fights due to racism don’t happen, I am sure it does, but you can’t assume that is the only reason.


    September 20, 2009 at 10:10 pm

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