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I think we had a pretty good discussion in class the other day about the public school system. I would like to further address this issue. I went to an African American High school. Although many kids did not end up going to a higher education, i saw more desire in those kids than my white friends in my town.

See, I used to travel across the city to go to school. I went to a different high school because I wanted to attend the magnet and stay away from my home school….due to the fact that I saw an upwards trend of drugs and carelessness for academics towards the end of middle school.  So I changed my scenery completely and went to a VERY diverse school.

The kids were from everywhere….practically the entire school was made up of minorities, mostly African American. Throughout my high school years, I saw a drastic turn in paths for my school friends and my friends back home.

My high school emphasized the FCAT greatly, just like every other school in Florida. However, we had the whole ”cleanup” of the system my sophmore year, due to low FCAT scores…..and maybe because of the fact my school was greatly made up of minorities. They implemented programs, classes, and whatever else was necessary to pass this ridiculous test. The contrasting difference here, though, was that there was a proactive measure to get us into college. The FCAT was an important test to pass….but on the other hand, the school did not entirely give up on kids who failed. I saw many underprivileged kids who went on to higher education. Hardly had I seen someone with the capacity to go to college, not go in my high school.

Out of my circle of friends back home, I was the only one to go to  a university. Hardly any of them even pursued community colleges. And of the ones that did, I only know a few that have completed their associates. It’s ridiculous to think that my friends, who are from middle class backgrounds, are pursuing less than the underprivileged kids at my high school. They have no excuse.

It is here that I find the flaw within the system. Economic ties with people probably have a great correlation with their probability of attending a University. However, it is in this case that we can see that there are other problems besides economic difficulties. Even more alarming- my sister is attending the home school I was supposed to attend….and things haven’t changed. And you know what? Considering the school is made up of mostly whites, I can see this problem being ignored for a while.


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September 20, 2009 at 11:30 pm

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