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How President Obama Is Handling Racial Issues

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There is no question that over the last few weeks that questions of racial colors to the protest against President Obama have been raised. However, the focus has not been on how President Obama and the White House has been dealing with this issue. I happened to be flipping through the channels and I saw an interviews with President Obama. He seemed to be taking the perspective I share with him. On CNN he said that he does not deny that there are some that do not like him because of his race. He then went on to say that he thinks that the majority are those who oppose the government. He pointed to the criticism faced by FDR and Reagan as they changed policies in government. President Obama also acknowledged that there are those who don’t like him because of his race, but there are also those that voted for him only becauseĀ  of his race. Press Secretary has also covered the issue. He has stated that we must “check our emotions” so that in debates such as these we don’t make others feel uncomfortable.

So President Obama and the White House are taking the correct stance on this I believe. They are acknowledging that the racial component is out there, but are also pointing out that that racial component is in no way the majority. There is one area of disappointment. This plays into politics, but President Obama should condemn or at least say that he wishes that such racial tones would cease to exist. Of course this is hard to do politically, but from all the interviews President Obama acknowledges that there is this racial component and then moves on like it is okay. He will mention it as though racism is just another aspect of life and that it is just how it is. There should be some condemnation, from Gibbs or someone else perhaps, but it needs to be made.


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September 19, 2009 at 2:52 pm

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