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One issues that has been bugging me for quite a while now is racial profiling in the Criminal Justice System and among Government Agencies.  Having served in the military in an intelligence capacity, I am torn on this issue.  As much as I’ve read and have learned now about the differences and similarities between all people of various races, creeds, and ethnicities, I realize now how easy it was for me and others like me to commit racial profiling without ever acknowledging that is what we were doing.  Now, when I think of trying to use my college education to go back into a similar field (i.e. any three letter government agency), I get sick thinking that I could fall right back into that method of looking at one group of people and being more suspicious of them than others.  It is troubling because I really want to get a good job with one of these organizations, but I don’t know as though I could stomach the rampant divisiveness that coincides with “doing your job right.”  I know that there are some people out there that think the “job” could get done without profiling, which is true; however, it is my contention that majority of those “jobs” instill the idea of profiling into one’s psyche over time, and the thought of entering that atmosphere again makes me nervous.  Any thoughts or counter-arguments are welcomed.


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September 17, 2009 at 5:58 pm

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  1. Your thoughts on racial profiling are accurate to a point. There is, however, a fine line. All types of racial profiling should be minimized. In many areas, racial profiling rears its ugly head and is uncalled for. However, this issue has gray area. When the safety of an entire country is thrown into the mix, I feel that you have to acknowledge the threat. If the trade off is between thousands of lives or being racially sensitive, I know which one I would choose. Race does not need to be the object of profiling, however. A threat is perceived from Bermuda, for example. It is necessary in this case to pay more attention to those from Bermuda. Right now, America faces a threat from extremists who are practicing a extreme form of Islam. Do these extremists represent even a small portion of those who practice the peaceful and great religion of Islam? No. They are a radicalized group. Even though we know that most Middle Eastern Muslims are not doing anything wrong, we do know that some are. So this group will come under closer scrutiny. Is it right, should it happen? I don’t like it, but what is the alternative. No racial profiling should not occur, but at the same time killing thousands in a terrorist attack should not either. I don’t particularly like the situation we are in, but it is reality. On the converse if the threat was from whites who go to UF, I would have to put up with a little extra scrutiny. I have nothing to hide. I would hate that extra scrutiny and find it annoying if not offensive. But, I would also have to understand. If there is a way out there that did not require racial or group profiling then it should be used. But I do not know of such an approach, but would be happy to learn.


    September 19, 2009 at 2:32 pm

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