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It’s Because I’m Black Isn’t It?

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If anyone approaches you when you are alone, and you do not know who they are…I am going to assume in most situations that one would be standoffish and weary about what such an individual wants.  I am the last individual to judge someone based on color or race, but when I am alone I am of course very aware of my surroundings due to my safety.

My vehicle was parked at my friend’s apartment complex in an area that is pretty safe.  I got into my car and was about to reverse when an individual approached the passenger’s window of my car.  It was around midnight and I jumped on the defense and pretended as though I was not aware of his knocking.  After three more knocks, I rolled my window down and inquired as to why he wanted my attention.  After conversing for a couple minutes I informed the individual that I was not interested in such conversation and wished to be on my way.  The individual, who was African-American, jumped to the conclusion that the reason I was ending our encounter was due to the fact that he was black.  My instinctive response was to pull away but I was interested as to why he thought I was ignoring him due to this color.  I informed him that no matter what race or gender he was, I was going to move on with my travels due the time of the evening as well as the fact hat I was a female that was alone and feared for my safety.  I told him that even if it was a white female asking for a ride, I would have still taken the same actions.

After he asked me multiple times for a ride, I informed him that I was not interested in providing him with a ride and rolled my window up…much to his despise as he continued to insult me as being racists and prejudice for not providing him with transportation to his destination.  It’s unfortunate that he categorized me as being a racist individual due to that fact that I was not willing to provide him a ride, but in reality- I was only looking out for my safety.


Written by jubol

September 12, 2009 at 8:08 pm

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  1. Perhaps he was hoping by insulting you as a racist you would want to prove him wrong and give him a ride. You are absolutley right for not giving him a ride, I wouldn’t have either. I wouldn’t give any man a ride for that matter. Maybe, you should have asked him if he had a sister or a girlfriend. And then ask him if he would advise them to let a stranger into their car…


    September 13, 2009 at 7:19 pm

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